testing 1 2018-04-28

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Awesome 2018-03-17

This is a remarkable book from the series of Harry potter books by JK Rowling.This book is about adventures adventures and adventures.Harry is at the Hogwarts school of witch and wizardry.There is a secret chamber which when opened by the heir of slytherin can be dangerous.Many of the people were thinking that Harry is the heir of slytherin.Meanwhile Ron's sister Ginny disappears.To find out what happens next.Everyone should buy this must read and must buy book.

Divergent 2018-02-20

The wonderful trilogy written by Veronica Roth is all love. The wonderful adventure from the aptitude test, choosing ceremony to the exciting adventures of Tris and Tobias, this book never fails to entertain the reader, till the ned of the first book. As the series follows, Tris and Tobias's problems of being Divergent increase, and they have to overcome them. Until the very sad ending, which touches the reader to the core- in the book: Allegiant! This trilogy deserves all five stars and more if can be rated!

Land of Black Gold (Tintin) (English) 2018-02-10

Another Tintin adventure that is full of laughter-inducing scenes, Herge takes Tintin on a James Bond-like adventure as he confronts a previous enemy involved in the contamination and sabotage of oil in an effort to start another world war. Captain Haddock, the Thompson twins, and the outrageously obnoxious Abdullah are again sources of antics that can leave you in stitches.Main thing is that in our area they have conducted story telling competition was held at the before day I read this book. At story telling competition I was one of the audience who was participating was gone to another city and the I came on stage in the place who was participating then I told this story. And because of this story our area came in 1st rank.It is interesting and awesome book. i was nice book

Thea Stilton and the legend of fire flowers 2018-02-08

This book is again one of the series of Thea Stilton who are always in a new adventure.this book has five main characters who are very Welly known as Thea sisters.these all sisters have another point of view.so bringing all views together is just bringing all friends together.in this book they go for to a place were they found that the costumes of the main characters was lost in the search of thief and their costumes have a great experience.i feel that each one of us should be having this book and also should read this book as this book is very exciting and Thea Stilton books are always ausome....