Jai Ho!! 2016-01-23

Very nice & interesting book. The book tells us about the Harappan culture where the beautiful cities of Mohenjo-daro & Harappa were built. Both the cities were very well planned. the book also tells us about 'The Vedic Age' when the Sanskrit language was written. In this time the hymns for the four 'Vedas' were composed. The two great epics were also composed during this period- Mahabharata & Ramayana. Then came Buddha. The Maurya Dynasty was next with the intelligence of Chanakya. It was Chanakya Who encouraged Chandragupta to take over Magadha from the Nanda dynasty. Ashoka was & is called the great & was & is the great. The famous war of Kalinga changed the entire course of his life. He found solace in the teachings of Buddha. After the decline of the Mauryans came the Gupta Dynasty. Samudragupta, the ruler of the kingdom was a great warrior, a patron of arts & a mighty ruler. Samudragupta's son Vikramaditya controlled a vast kingdom. After that there was no great king till the Mughals came. Babur, Humayun ,Akbar were all good kings, but all the kings were not good. Aurangzeb tortured the people. He had an anti-Hindu attitude. This led to rise of Rajputs & Marathas. The Rajputs fought a fierce war. The Maratha king Shivaji fought the Muslims by using Guerrilla tactics. After some peace between Hindus & Muslims India was invaded by British. The British rule lasted for 250 years. Great freedom fighters like Savarkar & Mahatma & Pandit Nehru have helped greatly in making India independent. After independence India went on to become what it is today. The author has used very simple language. For those who do not know about the glorious history of India......