Paper Towns 2015-04-05

This book revolves around Margo Squeilgman and Quentin Jacobsen. Quentin has a monster crush on her but Margo Does not know that. One day, around midnight Margo knocks at Quentin's window. Margo explains he plan and they both go for a "revenge adventure. Next day it turns out Quentin's home but Margo has disappeared. Then Quentin goes searching for her with his friends. The suspense of this book is amazing. It is quite a read

The Fault In Our Stars 2015-04-05

The Fault In Our Stars, by eminent author John Green, is a poignant and heart-warming book. It is a wonderful book, and it is fun making your way through it. It holds laughs and tears in store- a typical way to read this book would be smiling through your tears :)

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief 2015-04-05

This book by Rick Riordan has garnered a lot of praise, and it truly deserves all its acclaim! An interesting twist to mythology,it is a fresh start to developing a taste for mythology. A great book!

Amazing book 2015-04-10

This book has just 77 pages. It is a good example how to write in simple language but still keep the reader engrossed in imagination. The author is successful in taking the reader in Wisha's shoes. You become a part of Wisha's journey. In this process you will learn what is required to become a good writer.

''A new adventure'' 2015-04-10

Jason wakes up in a school bus during a field trip with no memories.He then travels to camp half blood and is issued a quest to save the queen of heavens and get his memories back. Will he be able to stop a formidable enemy? or will it be too late?